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ASC Beach-Head in Singapore Now Under Construction

Posted on 20 July, 2017
ASC Beach-Head in Singapore Now Under Construction

In June, ASC has commenced the construction of the critical on-shore network components of the system in Singapore. The ASC Program of Work is successfully running to budget and ahead of schedule with a Ready-for-Service date bought forward to July 2018.

ASC has contracted Lucky Joint Construction to execute a turn-key contract for terrestrial civil works in Singapore, comprising 18.3 km of single-path Land Cable Duct Run (LCDR), Beach Man Hole (BMH) Horizontal Directional Drill (HDD) boring with provides the final network connection to the offshore marine works.

The LCDR provides a secure power and optical pathway between the cable landing at Tanah Merah with the cable termination and Point of Presence at the at ST Telemedia Data Centre located at Tai Seng.

The Singapore shore-end works have always been identified as key item on the critical path for the successful deployment ASC Project. The LCDR run is relatively long route compared with landing arrangements in Australia at Perth and in Indonesia at Anyer and has required navigation in and around critical national infrastructure projects in Singapore, including the expansion of the Airport in Changi.

The commencement of this construction activity is the culmination of the long term planning activities undertaken by the Vocus ASC Project Team. These activities have involved obtaining all necessary licensing and permitting approvals from Singapore Government agencies, land access and survey work, finalisation of technical network design details, equipment procurement and contracting and the appointment of a local Project Manager.

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