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ASC Repeater Dedications

Posted on 10 April, 2018
ASC Repeater Dedications

Tradition has it that the Repeaters on many submarine cable networks are dedicated to key people and partners who have played an important role in bringing a project to life.

This tradition is alive and well on the Vocus Australia Singapore Cable (ASC) project.

The ASC has 50 Repeaters in total. Those who are nominated for a dedication receive a Certificate of Dedication, Google Earth coordinates for the exact location of the Repeater and images of it being sent over the side of the ship, whether the Ile de Batz, or the Ile de Re.

Repeater 1301, dedicated to “Mary” was sent to the bottom of the Indian Ocean on the 20th of March and sits in 4887 metres of water.

Repeater 1301 "Mary" on its way to the side of ship
Repeater 1301 "Mary" as it goes over the side
Each nominee receives a map of the exact position of the Repeater dedicated to them

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