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Design & Construction Progressing on the LCDR

Posted on 31 August, 2017
Design & Construction Progressing on the LCDR

The last couple of months have been busy for the ASC project with the Singapore Land Cable Duct Run (LCDR) construction progressing well, the finalisation of the Perth LCDR design and the rapid progress of ASN’s marine system manufacturing in Europe.

Following the signing of Lucky Joint Construction to undertake the Singapore civil works, the LCDR construction is moving rapidly. We now have 2km of the 18.3km route completed and several of the 73 manholes fabricated and installed. Since the transmission cable that will be installed in the duct at a later stage carries both the power conductor for the marine system and the optical fibre carrying the transmission signal, the cable is buried securely at a minimum of 1 metre underground and encased in thick concrete.

In Perth, the completion of both the magnetic route survey and the geotechnical study has enabled the closing of the Perth LCDR specification and the request for final bids from the companies competing for the work. Also, nearing completion is the contract for the horizontal direction drill (HDD) and beach manhole (BMH), which together enable the marine cable to come ashore without impacting the beach environment.

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