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Vocus Australia Singapore Cable Main Lay Progress

Posted on 18 April, 2018
Vocus Australia Singapore Cable Main Lay Progress

ASN cable laying ship Ile de Batz is approaching the waters off Fremantle in Western Australia. It set out three weeks ago from Christmas Island with almost 3000km of cable on board and has made steady progress since, laying around 10km of cable on average per hour.

The final approach to Fremantle will see the ship slow to 600m an hour as it reaches the continental shelf around 90 to 100 km off the Western Australian coast. Here it will use a giant 40 tonne plough to cut a trench through the seabed to lay the cable under the surface, where it is protected from ships and other threats.

While the Ile de Batz crew has been busily laying cable, ASN ship Ile de Re was loading the Northern section of the cable in Singapore. The process of loading the cable onto the ship requires care and precision. While the cable is far from delicate, the weight (a whopping 3275 tonnes) is enough to damage the bottom layers if they are not precisely packed.

We’re pleased to report the cable loading has been completed and the ship is now making its way to Christmas Island, where it will begin the task of laying the northern section of the ASC.

Repeaters (left) and 1710km of cable, weighing 3275 tonnes, being loaded onto the _Ile de Re_

We look forward to keeping you informed about exciting developments as the ASC gets closer to RFS.

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